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A businesswoman’s eyesight was restored from 50% to 100% when she healed negative emotions, which did not allow her to acknowledge the wonderful things that were in her life.


A teenager healed his drug addiction, found his direction and received 3 promotions within his company within 1 year of his coaching with Clifford.


 A client diagnosed with Depression, ADD and Bi-polar, was being treated with 11 different prescribed medications a day, is now living a normal and happy life, free from all prescribed medication and free from any mentally diagnosed disorders.


A guy in his late 20’s could not get over a break up with his girlfriend. 2 weeks after his coaching sessions he started dating again and married his new wife one year later.


A retired woman was freed from her claustrophobia enabling her to go out into small public spaces, ride in an elevator and experience the joy of air travel for the first time in her life.


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Hyundai South Africa

By assisting a client to understand how they operate helps them navigate through the system better.

1) Car sales man promoted to branch manager and then promoted to dealer principal within 6 months – This was achieved by freeing him
from belief systems that had held him back from years of personal success.
2) A dealership went from not reaching target for over one year to reaching target within in 2 months, making sustainable profits within 4
months and maintaining them. This was achieved by an increase in productivity, which increased profitability. Results were achieved by differentiating a level of service with a commitment to excellence.
3) Three regional managers wanted to resign, after their first coaching session they chose to commit to another 10 years within the company. By inspiring personal growth it ensured commitment to the brand and not just the person. This in turn creates a team that is dynamic and inspiring in the industry avoiding them looking externally for a better working environment.
4) By creating a better understanding of how to facilitate a career move within the working environment, according to the need of the
individual’s growth within the company and to re-establish how the corporate can benefit the individual, a dealer principal was promoted to a regional manager position within 3 months of his coaching.

Top Management
Top Management

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