My Journey to becoming a Master Life Coach

For the past three decades I have dedicated my life to my music, playing the piano, directing and producing shows, arranging and composing music and entertaining people. Through all this time I have observed the joy and excitement that my music and theatre shows have brought to people around the world.

People from all walks of life who have wanted to be entertained, or wanted to forget about life for a while.

At the end of a show, I have felt elated and observed the elation of the audiences, but once the curtain comes down, the theatre becomes dark, the audience goes home and the stresses of life re-appear, that wonderful feeling of joy and fulfilment soon disappears. How does one get to keep that feeling, hold onto that emotion and not want to forget about life for a while?…this has been my quest…how do you make a change, make it last, stay empowered, feel fulfilled and be excited by everything you do? 

My journey has taken me on many paths searching for fulfilment and searching to achieve that joy and excitement that lasts longer than just a few hours of entertainment. From meditation to breathing techniques to yoga and back again, all the time just experiencing brief glimpses of wonder, but still no answers on how to hold onto that awesomeness.

Then I became an Evolved Coach, and the answers were given to me. Everything I had been searching for became evident, one can experience joy and bliss and hold onto it at any time, and it’s easy to do!

I know you are wondering how...

…and it’s a great thing to wonder, isn’t it?

The best part of my journey is that I now have the tools to help and assist anyone who wants to implement lasting positive change in their life and create the future of their dreams. Anyone who wants to, can, and its easy to do.

It is easy to think about being happy, and to think about creating a compelling future...

…but how does one do that when there is stuff that is holding you back? What do you do with all that baggage that you do not even know you are carrying?
As an Evolved Master Coach I’ll assist you in getting rid of that old baggage forever, we will delete those old negative emotions that are holding you back and clear those old limiting decisions that live inside of you.

Once that is all done...

…then we have an unlimited someone to work with, someone who can do anything they want to do, achieve anything they want to achieve and live the life they want to live.
The concepts are scientifically proven and with the use of combinations of NLP coaching, Time Paradigm Techniques, Life Coaching, Stress Bio Feedback and Hypnotherapy, I will assist you in getting your desired results.

Our conditioning creates a state of mind, our state of mind creates our behavior and our behavior creates our results.

During your personal breakthrough sessions we will address how to manage all these aspects of your life and how to manage your thoughts and get what you want.
Every successful person has a coach, whether they are a tennis player, a singer, a musician, a rugby player or an athlete.

Give yourself permission to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. My personal breakthrough experience is the greatest gift you can give yourself.